Returning The Favor: Alton’s Toy Story

Mike – You’ve simply outdone yourself. If Returning the Favor were on television, I’d tell you it’s the best TV I’ve ever seen. So I guess I’ll have to settle for telling you it’s the best thing on my phone. This newest episode in particular was incredible, and I LOVE the way you were able to feature a survivor from The Battle of the Bulge. Anyway, I didn’t think you could top Dirty Jobs, but what you’re doing now is amazing. Please keep it up. And your crew is awesome. Carol Baines

Thanks Carol. I am indeed, very lucky to have another excellent crew at my disposal. Not only do they care about the show as much as I do; they tolerate my shenanigans in the field. More importantly, they’re very good at their jobs, which I believe is obvious in this weeks episode. I agree – this one’s special. Please share it if you agree.


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