Off The Wall: Two of Philly’s Finest

“Mr. Rowe – It was truly a pleasure meeting and talking with you today at work. I can say with complete confidence and sincerity that there is no other celebrity I would chase down for a picture. You are an excellent example for our country and one of the few public figures we can all learn something from and be proud of as a country. Thank you once again for the great messages you put out on here and on other platforms. The content you provide is meaningful, well thought out and a breath of fresh air in a somewhat broken country. PS… It’s not the dirtiest job, but we do need more police officers. If you want to do a show on our profession, I’d be happy to help! Thank you once again.”

Gentlemen – It was a privilege to be chased down by two of Philadelphia’s finest. Sorry I couldn’t chat longer. There was a flight to Rochester with my name on it. Thanks for the kind words, and be careful out there. You’re appreciated more than you know.


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