One of These Things is Not Like the Other…

I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but according to the attached link, I’m going to be sharing a stage in Houston with two Sharks, a professional athlete, a former wine critic, a self-described “momtrepreneur,” and a former President. As best I can figure, the audience in attendance will consist mostly of entrepreneurs interested in learning about “strategies for success.”

Full disclosure: I’ve never really thought about my success as the result of a “strategy,” but that certainly won’t stop me from sharing a few stories about what worked and what didn’t during on my hot-mess of a resume. I do hope the organizers realize that most of my stories take place in a sewer. If they don’t, this will be even more fun than usual. Either way, it’ll be nice to catch up with President Bush, and tell the Sharks how to succeed in business without really trying. I’m also curious to see if Loren’s teeth are really that white.

If you’re in or around Houston on Feb. 1, here’s a link with the details National Achievers Congress.

Motivationally yours,

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