Off The Wall: Zombielike

I just watched you transformed into a Zombie on The Discovery Channel. Hysterical. Question – just how sick were you on that day? (You looked like hell, respectfully.)

Maurice James

Hi Maurice.

I’ve never been sicker while in front of a camera.

We were scheduled to shoot somewhere else that day – a quarry, I think – just outside of Atlanta – a place that required me to operate heavy machinery and handle explosives. It seemed a poor course of action. So Barsky found the only job I could possibly do – become a zombie. In truth, I was already half-way there.

My temperature hovered around 102 for most of the day. I was profoundly congested, heavily medicated, partially incontinent, and quite possibly hallucinating. I have no recollection of filming the attached clip, but I’m told I collapsed moments after Doug stopped rolling.

It was, in hindsight, my finest hour.


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