Returning The Favor: The Music Man

Every successful person I know, (and by successful, I mean happy,) had a teacher in their past who did something that affirmatively changed the direction of their lives. I am no exception, and if he were still alive, I’d be returning the favor today to Fred King, my old high-school music teacher. Sadly, Mr. King now sings with The Choir Invisible, but rarely does a day go by when I don’t ponder his impact on my life and career. Mr. Tim Wilson, however, is alive and well, and what he’s done for his students in Richmond, California, is no less transformative that what Mr. King did for me back in Baltimore.

So the, without any further ado, please say hello to a former trumpet player who still makes music, and enjoy episode 108 of RTF – the only episode where absolutely nothing went as planned…
except for the only thing that mattered.

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