Off The Wall: Snooky Rico You’re Entirely Welcome

Snooky Rico, the woman featured in this weeks episode of Returning The Favor, posted this on my wall earlier today.

Dear Mike –

I wanted to thank you, on behalf of Loving You Through it, Rico’s on 3rd, me, my husband, my family and all of the women we serve. This has been an incredible blessing to all of us. The show was cheerful, joyful and funny. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in the interviews, and allowing me to be myself. The room makeover by Ron and his team is so beautiful…it’s like a refuge for the women we serve.

The show has brought calls of support and encouragement from people who want to open their own type of facility in their communities to serve women who are going through chemotherapy. We have had hairdressers walk in and say they want to volunteer their time to serve, which is so greatly needed. More hospitals want to use us as a resource for their women, as well as individuals and businesses who want to do fundraisers for Loving You Through It.

We are forever thankful for everyone at Returning the Favor, as well as our Facebook friends and Family, and all those who were touched by this episode. Great things are happening. Love you ALL!

Hi Snooky –

Thanks for the note, and obviously – on behalf of mikeroweWORKS, Hudsun Media, and everyone at Facebook -you’re entirely welcome.

So many people are forced to deal with cancer these days, but very few do it with the grace and resolve I saw in you. Meeting you was a privilege, and let me say it again – what you’re doing on your own dime, back in that tiny room in your wonderful salon, is more than just kind-hearted – it’s transformational. And now – to hear that others are wanting to follow in your footsteps as a result of watching this show…honestly – it’s quite possibly the highest compliment a middle-aged TV personality impersonating a Host could ever hope to receive. You flatter me, Snooky. You flatter all of us, even as you inspire millions.

Please don’t stop doing what you do. And heads up – the next time I’m in Chula Vista, I’m stopping by Rico’s on 3rd for a spontaneous blow out!

(That’s still a thing, right?)


PS. For those of you not up to speed on this episode, here ’tis. Enjoy.

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