Fridays With Freddy: She Said All The Right Things

She said all the right things. Said I had “good bones.” Said I had “classic features.” Told me I possessed a “smoldering insouciance that demanded to be captured and memorialized.”

So I agreed to sit for her. Then, a less formal pose, followed by something a bit more…recumbent. 

How did she persuade me to pose with such an absence of modesty? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Like the frog in the boiling water, I simply wound up that way – flat on my back, my Anthony Weiner swinging in the breeze. It was the single most erotic moment of my life.

Well, that was then. Now I’m all over the Internet. Splayed out like a Christmas Ham – like the kind of a girl that men forget.

Live and learn. At least I got to keep the bauble.


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