Off The Wall: Whirlwind of a Week

Mike! Last we heard you were headed to Baltimore. Did you make it. Are you still here? Wanna come over and eat some crabs?

Brenda Barron

Hi Brenda

Come and gone, I’m afraid. And the crabs in Baltimore are not as big as I remember…

Been a whirlwind of a week actually. Caught up with the folks in B’more, who send their regards to “all my little Facebook friends.” Then I headed up to Boston to shoot an episode of “This Old House.”

As some of you know, This Old House and their sponsors have been very supportive of mikeroweWORKS, and I wanted to thank their viewers during the first episode of the coming season. Norm and the gang are redoing a house in Newton, and starting an internship program on the show that I can’t say enough good things about. More on that later, as the season approaches.

Today, I’m in Atlanta, where I just finished addressing a roomful of manufacturers at something called PowerPlex. Great crowd, nice people, and another oversized check for our work ethic scholarship program. Big thanks to Jason Blessing and everyone at Plex Systems for their generosity.

About to board a plane back to California. With luck, I’ll have a sleepy seat-mate and six hours of relative silence, during which time I can write another podcast. Happily, the current episode is on track to reach a record number of listeners.

On the down side, I’m now writing these things almost exclusively from airplanes, the backseats of Ubers, and of course, my bathroom. Basically, anyplace I can sit with a laptop. Ahh, the glamour of it all…


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