Challenging the Primacy of a 4-Year Degree

Off The Wall

Philip Barnum writes…

Hey Mike – I see you’ve removed you’re April Fools Day post. How come? I thought it was hysterical. Did you get some…blowback? Maybe a call from The White House? For what it’s worth, you got me hook, line, and sinker! Best thing I’ve read since War of the Worlds.

Hi Philip

You’re correct – the post is gone forever, and yes – I did hear from DC. I explained the humor, but they were not in a humorous frame of mind. All things considered, I thought it best to cut my losses, before I got audited. Or wound up on a no-fly list…

In other news, here’s my latest attempt to challenge the primacy of a four-year degree. Pass it around if you concur. (No joke!)


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