Good Friday With Freddy

Freddy – With respect, what the hell, dude? It’s been months! Clearly, The Biped is out saving the world, but what about you? What’s become of you? Throw us a bone, already!

Sharon Fleiss

Hi Sharon –

Sorry to worry you. It’s true, I’m busy. Terribly, terribly busy. Today for instance, I watched The Biped cut a tree in half that had fallen across our preferred walking trail. Then, I observed him with interest, as he hauled the pieces away, grunting and wheezing in a way that suggested the tree – even in pieces – was his superior.

The tree is a fascinating thing, Sharon. It bleeds with something that tastes delicious, but clings to my teeth like peanut butter on steroids. And the woods are full of mysterious smells and strange piles of crap that come from creatures I hope to never encounter. A pine cone, by the way, is the finest chew toy ever invented, with the possible exception of a champagne cork. And acorns are a consummation devoutly to be wished. But mostly it’s the wood that has my attention, on this very good Friday.

I’ll give the Biped your regards –


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