Off The Wall: Mike or a Clone was Interviewed by CEG

Mike – As part of my stalking regime, I set up a google alert for “Mike+Rowe+Dirty+Jobs” a few months ago. Every single day, an article pops up quoting you, or featuring an interview with you. Admit it. You have a clone. There is no other explanation.

Sharon Lyon

Hi Sharon

I suppose it’s possible. I have the same alert installed on my computer, (yes – I still google myself,) and see more than a few interviews of which I have absolutely no memory. I always thought this was because I led a hectic life, dominated by constant multi-tasking and an ever-fading short-term recall. But the clone thing makes a lot more sense.

Here’s something that popped up the other day. I don’t recall doing it, which is troubling, since it apparently happened last week. But if your interested in my thoughts on closing the skills gap, you might like it. Even if my clone did it…Mike Rowe Sits Down for an Interview With CEG


PS. As a group, my stalkers seem especially enamored of The Way I Heard It. Latest version is here…