Delightful Success Story and not in the least Obnoxious

Mike – I just read a delightful story about one of your scholarship recipients over on the mikeroweWORKS FB page. Why not post them over here, so all “your little Facebook friends” can enjoy them? Just a thought…

Missy Paul

Hi Missy –

My friend Chuck, (whose primary duties include organizing the podcast and keeping the women in my office vaguely amused,) is also responsible for interviewing scholarship recipients and staying in touch after their training. He routinely posts the kind of delightful stories you’re talking about, on a page whose primary purpose is to feature delightful stories. Moving forward, I’ll endeavor to share a few over here, like this one. But not too many. (Studies show that being chronically delightful can be no less annoying than being chronically obnoxious.)


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