The MOOG Folks in Boaz, AL are Keeping it Real

Not long ago, I met some people in Boaz, Alabama that I think you should know. They work for a company called Moog. Moog makes ball joints for your car. A ball joint is not something you see, nor is it something most people think about. But without them, you can’t steer. Ergo, without ball joints, you’d be in the ditch. Fast.

Anyway, the people I met at Moog are deeply proud of what they do. They’re proud of their company, they’re proud of their work, and they’re proud to make the best ball joints on planet earth. The purpose of my trip was to interview some of those people, and if you’d like, you can see those interviews here.

However, while I was there, I asked Taylor, my cameraman, to wander around and film the factory workers doing what they do. I liked the footage. It struck me as real and genuine. So I put some music behind it, wrote some copy, and made a quick thank-you video to the people who allow me to steer my car. Because it occurred to me – whether it’s beach balls or ball joints – it’s our ability to make things in this country, that will truly keep us all out of the ditch.

Thanks Moog –

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