Off The Wall: “The Honors”

James Morris writes…

Hi James. As a rule, I’m suspicious of all things “trendy,” but it’s always flattering when people actually read my smack. However, if I could determine in advance what posts should be enthusiastically shared, I’d select this one.

This is a very short video about a soldier whose name should be a household word. Many already know his story, but the majority of Americans have no idea who this guy is, what he did, and how he helped save the world. Please watch it, and please pass it on to anyone who you believe might benefit from a bit a perspective, in these…uncertain times.

Also, make a note. If you enjoy these kinds of tributes, and would like to see a dozen more back to back, check out “The Honors.” It airs on The American Heroes Channel on 13 November, 8AM, EST. And, REELZ, and 11AM, EST. And, for military personnel – American Forces Network on Saturday, November 19th at 4 PM EST. As grateful as I am to see a show like this make it on TV, it’s extraordinary that no one wants to air it in Primetime. I’ll be DVR’ing it, and I encourage you to do likewise. Who knows? Maybe courage will trend…

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