Off The Wall: On The Road to Coober Pedy

The other night on Dirty Jobs, you sang a song about roadkill. It was awesome. You were in Australia, and I think you made it up on a road trip on the way to some strange town I can’t pronounce. I can’t remember the words, but I can’t get the damn melody out of my mind. Little help?

Francis Woodson

Hi Francis

I wrote several songs while shooting Dirty Jobs, mostly to keep myself from falling asleep during long stretches of interminable boredom. I think you’re referring to a cheerful little number called “On The Road to Coober Pedy,” which was inspired by hundreds of dead kangaroos on an endless stretch of blacktop in the middle of the outback. I don’t recommend the drive, but I think the song is “the feel good hit of the summer!”

Rock on, Francis. Rock on.


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