Off The Wall: A Reasonable Request, A Robe, & A Melody

Dear Mike – You likened your fundraising efforts in a previous post to a “perpetual telethon.” Might one conclude from that characterization the advent of some entertainment on this page? Speaking only for myself, I might be more inclined to bid on Donald Trump’s autographed bathrobe if you were to sing me a song. No guarantees – $11,000 for a bathrobe worn by a guy I’m not even voting for is pretty rich. But your cause is just, and I’m in the mood for a melody.
Donna Dixon

PS. I’d like to see Freddy as well. His absence on Friday’s has left a crater in my soul.

PPS. Also, I’d like to see you wearing the robe as you sing, and not over your street clothes. If I wind up owning the damn thing, I’d like to know that you were the last one to wear it, however briefly.

Hi Donna
You request is reasonable, albeit a little weird. And the robe, in case you’re wondering, is not only luxurious, it’s 100% deductible.