Off The Wall: Sweet Way to Support the Foundation

Maryann Lane says…”Lost respect for you for sharing the post of the lovely Amy and her flying nerves. It was mean. You may have meant it as a joke, but there was meanness in it. One of those passive aggressive things.”

Hi Maryann – Thanks for the heads-up. It’s always a drag to lose someones respect – even if you didn’t know you had it in the first place. For what it’s worth, The Lovely Amy was fine with me posting her high-altitude angst. I would have never done so without her permission. As for the video itself, it’s now been viewed over 525K times. Pilots, flight attendants, and a legion of other nervous fliers have weighed in with support, and lots of people responded in a way that brought Amy considerable delight.

More importantly though, 41 people have since purchased a dozen of Amy’s custom baked sugar cookies, each decorated with a completely edible image of yours truly – a fine way to support the mikeroweWORKS foundation, and keep Amy on the solid ground of her industrial strength kitchen.

Dozens of cookies are being baked as we speak, and everyone who placed an order will receive the attached postcard as well – a non-edible but completely genuine sentiment from me to you. In other words Maryanne, I’d prefer you respect me in the morning, but if such a thing is no longer possible between us, please order a dozen of Amy’s cookies, and eat me.

Bon appetit!


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