Podcast, T-Shirts, Cookies, and a Funny Video

I just got this from Chuck at the office.

“Hey – Couple quick things. It’s Tuesday, (again,) so you might want to remind 3.25 million people to listen to your podcast at mikerowe.com/podcast. I think it’s the best one yet, so I’d brag about it, if I were you. Also, The Freddy and The Biped Campaign Shirt is over on Friday, so you might want to remind people to get one of those over at represent.com/mikerowe. Finally, if you thought Amy was freaked out on the plane, you should see her in the kitchen. Holy crap, dude. Your people ordered 215 dozen cookies! That means she’s in the midst of slapping your naked ass on 2,580 individual sugar cookies. I think if she gets any more orders she’ll have a nervous breakdown, which I’m happy to videotape and post. (Too soon?) Anyway, the link for more cookies is here. Now, go write something funny. Chuck.”

Chuck means well, but enough already. I’m not going to ask you to anything today but watch this very short video. It doesn’t benefit mikeroweWORKS in anyway whatsoever. And while it’s not as memorable as The Way I Heard It, (mikerowe.com/podcast,) I find it hysterical, even after multiple viewings, and bet you will too.

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