Paramount Theater next Saturday

Here’s a nice article about yours trulythat just popped up in the Seattle Times.

Aside from being a well-written and completely accurate reflection of the interview that preceded it, (rare,) it’s a very considerate way to promote my appearance at The Paramount Theater next Saturday. It also works as a gentle reminder that a few thousand paying customers might deserve something a bit more organized than 90 minutes of random musings and free associations.

So – knowing my aversion to scripts and visual aids, tell me – if you were there this Saturday, what specific stories from the filthier parts of my resume would interest you most? Any particular tales from Dirty Jobs you’d like to know more about? At some point, I’ll probably take questions from the audience. If you were there, what would you ask?

In other words, please take a few moments from your busy schedule and produce my show.

Thank you,

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