“You Can’t Pray for an “A” but Study for a “C.”

Not all advice is created equal, and the advice Lexy got from her mother was definitely above average. Happily, she took it.

She was also lucky to wind up with Mrs. Harris for her high-school art teacher. Unlike many art teachers today, Mrs. Harris understood that the “arts” can also be “industrial,” and encouraged her students to find the artistry in everything around them. She also pushed Lexy – hard – and never settled for anything less than her best work.

Consequently, Lexy is more than qualified for a work-ethic scholarship from mikeroweWORKS. That’s why she got one. She has drive, she has ambition, and she has an unshakable commitment to become the best welder she can possibly be. Now, she has a new baby, a new life, and a career that will follow her wherever she goes.

Her story is worth a look, and her determination is the precise thing we wish to encourage at mikeroweWORKS. You can read her story here.

Weld on, Lexy. Weld on!

PS. If Lexy’s story results in 5,000 new likes on the mikeroweWORKS Facebook Page, the writer – my old friend Chuck – will receive a free lunch from Long John Silver. Because that’s just the kind of boss I am.

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