Fridays With Freddy: Tasty Thousand Milers

These are The Biped’s favorite shoes. He calls them “Thousand Milers,” and he says he’s had them for eight years. Except for some slippers and a pair of cowboy boots, I’ve never seen him put anything else on his feet.

He brags about these shoes often. Says they’re made by a company named after wolves and put together by hand in Michigan, wherever that is. He boasts constantly about his inability to wear them out. He seems terribly impressed that the design hasn’t been altered in 130 years, and crows about things like hand-stitching and “Horween Bison leather.”

Whatever. You could fill a book with what I don’t know about shoes. I don’t know why some shoes are better than others. I don’t know why some shoes last longer than others. I don’t know why some shoes are more comfortable than others.

All I know for sure is, these Thousand Milers are freaking delicious.


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