Fridays With Freddy: Rigors of the Campaign

Jan Dixon says…Freddy, now that you’re running a campaign, will you still do your blog? If I may offer an opinion, this could be the most cost-effective way to campaign.

Hi Jan

You’re probably right. Unfortunately, the rigors of the campaign trail demand a number of personal appearances, one of which is un12244801_1085692101440932_6004122556718761101_ofolding right here in San Francisco as we speak. The Biped is about to address a joint meeting of the NRA and PETA, sponsored in part by the EPA and the NAACP. I’m told the FBI and the CIA are on hand to keep the peace. I’ll be speaking right after Charles Koch and just before George Soros, whoever they are. Wish me well. I’ll be back later this weekend to answer more of your questions. In the meantime, freddy and the biped shirtsbuy one of these shirts if you care about the fate of the world.


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