Off The Wall: Article So Damn Complimentary

Just once, I wish you’d post something from one of the many people on this page who genuinely like you. It seems you always highlight the trouble-makers, upstarts, trolls, and general idiots who scream for attention. Why give it to them? Why not ignore the knuckleheads and acknowledge some of the more positive comments that fill your wall?
Nicole Dysart

Hi Nicole

In general, I try to acknowledge the good, the bad, and the ugly. If I give undue attention people who don’t like me, it’s not because I don’t appreciate the people who do. Hell, my whole business is built on appearing somewhat likable. But it’s a little embarrassing to highlight a fan who gushes about my many outstanding qualities, since doing so clearly implies that I too believe my many qualities are indeed, outstanding. And that I’m afraid, would confirm the belief held by some that I’m an arrogant poseur. (Which I’m not, I think.)

However, I’m not incapable of accepting a compliment, or so uncomfortable with overwhelming expressions of high praise that I can’t occasionally acknowledge them – especially when they go above and beyond any reasonable expectation of traditional flattery. Consider this, from Jersey Girl, posted on the wall yesterday.

This article is so damn complimentary I’m not even sure how to respond. It enumerates ten specific reasons why I’m “The Perfect Guy.” This of course, is hysterical to my friends and family, and anyone that’s spent more than a few hours trying to work with me. And yet…here it is. To my knowledge, no one has ever written so many unflinchingly nice things about me in one spot, or made me blush in such an uncontrollable and protracted way. I think you’ll love it.

PS. Over at mikeroweWORKS, where everything is always life-affirming and positive, there’s very complimentary video that aired last night on Carson Daly’s show. It too, is almost guaranteed to make you like me even more.

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