OFF THE WALL: What’s Your Facebook’s Purpose?

Hey Mike – I LOVE this page. But if you don’t mind me asking, what’s it’s true purpose? Sometimes, you post pictures that make me laugh out loud. Sometimes, you post a thousand words that make my jaw drop. Sometimes, I wonder if you’re running for office, and sometimes, it feels like a telethon for the skilled trades. Whatever it is, keep doing it!
Hunter J.

Thanks Hunter. Mostly, my goal on Facebook is to keep my vocation and my avocation on the same page, as it were, and in the process, keep myself amused and my friends somewhat up to speed on the strangeness of my daily ventures. This morning for instance, I was in a Starbucks in Rancho Bernardo, filling myself with caffeine to better prepare for an afternoon of sheepherding in Escondido. (Weird, right?) Just as I finished my second cup, one of the barista’s walks over and introduces herself. Her name is Jen Haney, and her full time gig is counseling high-school students here in the Poway School District. Specifically, kids who are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.

Jen didn’t ask me about Dirty Jobs or Somebody’s Gotta Do It, but she did tear up as she thanked me for helping make a case for good jobs that actually exist. In fact, I just noticed OTW - Facebook Goal - Mike Rowe - Terry Parrishshe posted this on my wall. Her words are almost identical to what she told me in person, just a few hours ago.

“I am a counselor who works with kids who are struggling for “success” in our neighborhood schools…a neighborhood driven by a “college or bust” attitude. The kids I work with are dispirited and think of themselves as failures; many of them want to give up…but I teach them that there are so many other choices that can lead to a fulfilling life. My absolute hero for this life lesson has always been Mike Rowe…honestly, I talk about you as often as cousin…and today I was reminded that there is a village of people out there who are committed to the same thing, including me and you.”

OTW - Facebook Goal - 3Comments like that – and yours – make the coffee taste better, the sheep easier to catch, and the whole Facebook thing worthwhile. Thanks.


PS. Shepherding is thirsty work, and clearly, man can’t live on caffeine alone. The country is gonna love Terry Parrish and her amazing dogs.

PPS. There is in fact, a FB page specifically for mikeroweWORKS. I should probably mention it more often. It’s here, if you’d like to check it out.

Mike’s Facebook Page

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