FASHION C.R.A.P. AUCTION! Autographed Tote Made From Mike’s Jeans!

Another opportunity has arisen for those with a predilection to get in my pants. Judy Muche – the official seamstress of mikeroweWORKS and one and only purveyor of The Quilt Cabinet – has once again done something magical with her sewing machine, and converted my favorite blue jeans into a carry-all.

While the proceeding sentence is not one I thought I’d ever write, it’s one I’m pleased to share with you now. Because last time Judy messed around with my jeans, a very unique quilt was born, and over $9,000 was raised for the foundation. Perhaps lightening will strike once again? (But not too close to the fly.)

Meet Judy for yourself on this weeks episode of C.R.A.P., and behold her latest wonder.

Proceeds as always, benefit our Work Ethic Scholarship Program.

Thanks in advance.


PS If you’re wondering what goes on at mikeroweWORKS when I’m not around, you’re not alone. Here’s a look behind the scenes, conducted by Chuck, that’s as troubling as it is true. You can watch it on the mikeroweWORKS Facebook page.

PPS. By “troubling,” I simply mean that I have begged – literally begged my staff to remove all pictures of me from the walls of mikeroweWORKS, and replace them with iconic images of work, or better still, images that feature anonymous people making an honest living.

As you’ll see, they hang on my every word…

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