BIZPAC Review – Mike Rowe weighs in on Confederate flag debate with tough love

The working man’s TV host Mike Rowe weighed on the controversy surrounding the Confederate battle flag on Monday with a complex response to fan’s question that expressed his personal dislike of the flag while warning his readers not to label those who like the flag as racists.

Rowe, the host of CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” wrote on his Facebook page that  just seeing the flag reminds him of the KKK and makes him want to “travel back in time, long before the Klan came together, find the original Grand Wizard, and beat him to death with a golf club.”

But, he said, he also wants to travel back in time and beat Hitler with a golf club when he sees a swastika.

None of that, he said, is reason to brand people racists for not feeling the same way about the flag as he does.

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