A Perfect Sort of Day

Sunday afternoon, just outside Fells Point. A perfect sort of day. The Natty Bo is cold, the blue crabs are hot, and the Old Bay tastes like home. I swear, if mike rowe john and peggy rowethere’s a better combination of tastes on Planet Earth, I’ve yet to get them down my well-muscled throat.

Friday’s ball game was one of the best I’ve ever sat through. I’ve been to many, and know firsthand that a slow game will put a glass eye to sleep. Well, this was not a slow game. My parents are still hoarse from screaming, and my hand is still sore from high-fiving strangers. O’s fans are a fun bunch to hang with, though I will say that Robert from DA perfect sort of day - 2etroit handled handled the loss with dignity and grace. TBS was also kind enough to plug Somebody’s Gotta Do It during the game, which I appreciate.

Speaking of press, I want to apologize in advance to those who are getting weary of seeing me interrupt the latest ebola a perfect sort of day - 3outbreak to announce the debut of SGDI. (Which as you may have heard, is Wednesday night at 9pm on CNN.) Press and promos are unavoidable parts of launching a new show, and I’m headed back to NY right now to clutter up the airwaves for a few more days. Hopefully, enough people will watch the premiere that further PR will not be necessary.
In the mean time, I’ll continue to be the gum you accidentally stepped in. Sorry for the ubiquity. All this being equal, I’d rather sit right here and eat crabs for the next week.

Happy Sunday

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