This is a Terrible Photo

No one in it, including the dog, is looking at the right camera. Which is why you should be looking at the sign.

Bias aside, I believe it to be a masterpiece. It contains just four welds. Everything else was forged by hand. Specifically, by the hands of Craig and Rory May – a father and son blacksmith team that comprise the artistic genius behind The Dragon Forge. Though Craig appears to have collapsed, and Rory looks a bit shell-shocked, I can assure you they are not only conscious, but entirely inexhaustable, and more than likely right where I left them several days ago – tending their fires and swinging their hammers and making a hell of a racket in the quiet hillside town of Pine Colorado.

I had the great pleasure of wandering into their shop last week, and seeing firsthand what can be accomplished when pure skill and raw talent collide with an uncommon work ethic. These men are not only keeping a critical trade alive and well, they’re making things – beautiful things – that you really need to see to believe.

This sign weighs over a hundred pounds, and will be a tremendous pain in the ass to ship to California. Installing it might very well kill me. But along with a few burns and blisters, it is now a cherished memento, destined to hang above my desk, and guaranteed to outlast us all.

Thanks gentlemen. See you on TV.
(You too, Amanda.)
(You too, Axel.)

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