OFF THE WALL: Bobble-Head Me

Theresa Mary Stem, Philadelphia, PA
Hey Mike, I was wondering (I do that quite a lot)… is there a bobble head doll of you out there somewhere? And the big question, is it wearing a baseball cap too?

Hi Theresa

Excellent query. Like Sisyphus, I’ve tried for years to get myself properly bobble-headed. Doing so would be an excellent fundraiser for mikeroweWORKS, and I’ve talked to a number of companies who appear more than happy to loosely attach a likeness of my giant head to something resembling a body. Alas, all of these companies – to one degree or another – rely upon China to get the job done.

I know it sounds incredible, but I can’t find a single domestic alternative that can turn me into a quality bobble-head for a competitive price. This worries me. If America’s manufacturing muscle can’t crank out a reasonable facsimile of my cranium, how the hell can anyone expect Detroit to to keep making cars? I mean seriously, if we can’t make a head, how will we ever GET ahead?10525609_837776342899177_7566771157815842898_n

The attached figures were all made overseas, and retail for about $40. To get one made here, the cost literally quadruples. Even more so for modest quantities. That means the retail would be around $250. Depressing. Tina – a nice lady who runs my office and struggles with a latent propensity for arts and crafts – has slapped my face onto them, but ultimately, I suspect many of you will find this to be a disappointing compromise. So I wonder Theresa, if I might turn my answer to your question into a cry for help?

Do any of you 1,557,000 art lovers know of a company in the manufacturing sector that could make a quality bobble-head entirely in the USA at a competitive price? Or perhaps, a company that would be willing to try? In time for Christmas?

If so, I’d seriously consider bringing my new show to said manufacturer, and documenting the entire process. Might be fun. Might be good for the company. And it would definitely be good for mikeroweWORKS. Because…Somebody’s Gotta Make Me a Bobble-Head!!! Right?

PS. Ideally, I’m partial to something a bit unorthodox, like the attached image of me crapping in the desert.

PPS. Yes Theresa – a cap would most likely be included…


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