Leila’s Hair Museum – Somebody’s Gotta Do It

This is Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence Missouri. It’s just down the road a piece from Harry Truman’s place. Leila is on a mission to preserve the ancient and mostly forgotten craft of hair weaving. She achieves this goal every day by featuring a rather unique collection of artistic works comprised entirely of human hair, formerly attached to the scalps of regular Americans long since dead. (I know, right?) Anyway, I spent an afternoon there last week, filming a segment for Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Why? Because you guys told me to.

Leila was brought to our attention by a friend of this page named Gwen Carver, who correctly assumed that the proprietor was a perfect example of the kind of person who’s simply “gotta do it.”  (Thanks Gwen!) In fact, the flood of suggestions that came in from Kansas City were all excellent, and left me convinced that this show could be programmed entirely by your ideas. Ultimately, that’s my goal, because I don’t want SGDI to be a program – I want it to be a platform. A place where we can introduce the country to people worth meeting. What better way to accomplish that than to let you guys program the show?Mike and Leila - Hair Museum

Next week we’re headed to Philadelphia. Any suggestions? We’re looking for people on a mission. Passionate, dedicated, and highly knowledgable individuals that are committed to whatever it is that floats their boat. I don’t mind bloody-do-gooders, but nothing too earnest or heartfelt. I want real people who love what they do and have no hesitation about sharing their passion. No celebrities, no politicians, and no nervous PR types fluttering around to “control the message.” Quirky oddballs are welcome, but only if they really know their shit. TV’s got enough morons and knuckleheads as it is.

Please leave your suggestions here, and thanks in advance for your help.


PS. And seriously – if you’re near Independence, check out Leila and her homage to hair. I promise…it’ll stick with you…

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