Fridays with Freddie ~ Laundered Jockey’s

I don’t wear underpants. Partly because I’m a dog, but mostly because I don’t care for the way they look and feel. Even though my testicles were removed two months ago, (without my permission, Friday with Freddie - Jockey - 2incidentally,) I find undergarments to be constricting. And don’t even get me started with the aesthetics. People stare, and I’m just not ready for that kind of judgment from the neighbors. However, if I were to wear any brand of underpants on a consistent basis, I’d go with Jockey’s.

Jockey’s are tFriday with Freddie - Jockey - 3he perfect blend of boxers and briefs. They’re reasonably priced, surprisingly soft, and available in a rich variety of hues. Personally, I’d like to see a more adventurous color palate, but there is no accounting for my Master’s taste. No matter. Nothing feels better in my mouth than a pair of freshly laundered Jockey’s, warm and toasty from an extended spin in the dryer. I simply can’t recommend the experience strongly enough.


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