Looking for people who love what they do

As some of you know, I’ll be in Kansas City next week, speaking at the annual Skills USA National Competition. If you’re not familiar with Skills USA, don’t blame yourself. Most people have never heard of them, even though they’ve done more to reinvigorate the skilled trades than any other organization on Planet Earth. While I’m there though, I thought it might be fun to shoot a few stories for Somebody’s Gotta Do It, which is now scheduled to premiere on CNN in three months. (Gulp.)

I’m looking for passionate people who love what they do, know what they’re talking about, and live in or near KC. It doesn’t have to be dirty, and it doesn’t have to be a job. Mad scientists, bloody do-gooders, hobbyists, collectors, treasure hunters, or anyone on a quest – quixotic or otherwise – are all fair game. We’ve already shot some great stories in Nevada, Texas, Maryland, and Iowa, thanks to the many excellent suggestions I’ve received from people on this very page. Toward that end, I need some more. So…who do you know in Kansas City that America needs to meet?

I’ll pass all your ideas over to production, and with a little luck, put together an episode around KC. (Sorry for the short notice. I’m not a very good producer.)

Many thanks –

PS. Don’t leave your personal info here. We’ll get back to you through FB if it sounds like something we can film.