Used Underpants: Closing the Skills Gap

Well, my signed underpants have been purchased for nearly $1,100. Suffice it to say, they are thrilled, and I am humbled. My mother, however, is appalled, and my father predicts the end of Western civilization. These are indeed confusing times.

I’d like to thank Howie149, who placed the high bid. While I’m tempted to make a variety of easy jokes and bad puns, I am instead sharing with you this simple letter that I received this morning from a fellow named Paul, who just received a check from our Scholarship Fund for $2,500.

I’m not sentimental, but notes like this arrive every day, and they make me feel pretty good about the whole mikeroweWORKS initiative. I mention it now because on the one hand, Howie149 just bought a pair of used boxers for $1,085, and that’s a little … unusual. But on the other hand, a guy named Paul, struggling to met the financial requirements of trade school, is gonna make it through. That’s pretty cool. Because for the first time in the history of the world, we can say that a pair of used underpants has had a modest impact on closing our country’s skills gap.

Thanks, Howie, and good luck, Paul.