40 thoughts on “Mike’s Podcast Tribute to Captain Phil Harris

  1. Man, Mike, you did it again only better. The written tribute about Phil was great but you reading it, man, even better.

    I hope you keep recording these things. Two thumbs up!


  2. This is pretty powerful stuff especially due to the timing. We were watching the new episode tonight – not a dry eye in the room. Thanks Mike for helping us know Capt. Phil a little better. A real shame to lose a guy like him.

    God rest his soul.


  3. There is something about hearing you say the words that expresses the tribute even deeper at least in my heart. You did Phil proud and I am glad you recorded this. I am sure many of us will listen to it several times.

    Thank you Mike for all the work you do and expressing these words about Captain Phil.

    Zoe G.

    I hope you record more of your stories.

  4. I’ve read your tribute several times since it was published, and hearing it has added even more depth to its message. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, eloquent and wonderful as they are! Given recent episodes of Deadliest Catch, I suspect many people will find this as timely as I have.

  5. Mike, you so perfectly artiulate the essence of Phil in this piece. I listened to it last night after watching DC and thought how Phil is just what we see on TV. He never hammed it up for the cameras, he was real all the time. I wish I could have met him.

    I enjoyed listening to this. Thanks Mike.

  6. I watched the episode last night, even though i knew it was coming, it hit me that phil was not coming back from this. It almost seemed like he knew, taking time to look at photos of his family and sit with his kids. I have never missed an episode of DC, absolutely the best show on TV, you really find yourself caring for these guys and feel like you know them. The word that comes to mind when I see these guys on Tuesday nights is “genuine”.

    Very nice job with the tribute Mike, I know I appreciated it and I’m sure his family does to.

    Phil died way too soon, but he died doing what he loved, I feel like I lost a friend.


  7. I watch ‘Deadliest Catch’ all the time. When Captain Phil said he always dreamed he would die on this boat, he wasn’t far off. I get the chills watching him look at pictures with his boys. I think he knew that his time on this earth was ending. Sad to see him gone. Thanks for a wonderful tribute, Mike. You read like no other.

  8. Please do more talking blogs Mike. We don’t get to hear your voice of something that you write . It’s like those books we are waiting for.. Phil would love you for this tribute in your own voice.

  9. Authentic is a great way to describe not only Captain Phil but your tribute to him as well. Great job Mike, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Mike, yep Phil came across as a fair dinkum sort of bloke on air too. Just taking people as they are.. It’s a rare individual that can do this. It sometimes take blokes like this for us to remember it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do in life, it’s who you are that matters. Sincere, genuine and no holding back. I could just picture him riding up on his Harley or speaking to the head honcho.. Spontaneous and full of fun and enjoyment. We’ll miss you Phil and, Mike, you did good with your words about Phil.

  11. A well deserved tribute to the late Captain Phil. I’m just glad that you were the one to do it, Mike. Phil was the heart and soul of DC and it will not be the same.

  12. RIP Phil, I enjoyed getting to know you and your boys and your crew very much. My thoughts and prayers are with you Josh and Jake. Your dad seemed like a fine man, and I am sorry for your loss.

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  14. One authentic man speaking about another. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you Mike. Sail On Capt Phil (1956-2010)
    Paula, Chicago, IL

  15. From down here in Sydney Australia I came to admire Captain Phil Harris through the show and Mike’s narration. This is an incredible tribute which feels like it is on behalf of all the ‘little voices’…thanks Mike!

  16. Mike: I listened to your tribute to Captain Phil Harris with tears in my eyes. I’ve watched the episodes on Deadliest Catch with tears also. I too thought Phil was genuine and authentic as I do all of those captains – but he stood out. Maybe I saw a kindred spirit for all of us who work hard for a living and speak our minds about what is right…or not right. Just like Phil. Thank you for what you said. We should all be lucky enough to know a Phil Harris.

  17. Thanks so much for this great tribute to Phil, Mike. I have not been able to watch this seasopn as yet because I had my own strokes last summer which left me disabled but not as bad as Phil’s thank God! I tried to watch the episodes around his death and just could not because it hit too close to home at showing me some of what my kids were going thru last summer. I actually had not watched DC ver many times until I came to live with my son after my strokes and I quickly became a great fan of DC and Phil Harris especially. M thoughts and prayers are wth his family.Jake, stay straight sweetie! Sobriety and recovery is an awesome way of life!RIP Phil! I can see him manning the best crab boat ever , where ever he is now!thanks again for a true look at Phil and you Mike! 🙂

  18. Mike
    I could find nowhere else to write my feelings on the passing of Phil Harris so I will leave
    them here. I never got the chance to meet Phil but I came to know him through the show.
    He was my favorite of all the skippers.He had a way of drawing people to him with his wit
    and humor. The interaction between him and his sons was both heartwarming and crazy at times. It made me think of my own father who passed in 2002. Phil could show compassion and be hard nosed when he needed to be. He will be missed by all. I am a
    huge fan of catch and Dirty Jobs. A word to all the captains on catch – Sail with God and stay

  19. Mike,

    Although here in Australia, I have not seen the series of Deadliest Catch, nor seen the works of Captain Phil and his crew, your discribtion of what sounds to have been a wonderful man makes one picture the encounters both yourself and Phil exchanged. To all that knew Phil, you are very lucky to have had that friendship, for all who didn’t know him, I can say that its a shame we’ll never get that chance. May all memories of Phil, be as wonderful as you’ve discribed and better.

    All the best,

    Love Mary x

  20. This was my first time listening to this tribute Mike and it was amazing. I feel as if I lost a friend also and I never met Captain Harris. True friends are hard to find and I do believe if you were a friend of Captain Harris you were a friend for life. Mike continue to narrate you do an awesome job.

  21. I have yet to see the final episodes of last season’s Deadliest Catch. To put it simply, I could not bare to say good bye to Captain Phil. Never having met Phil in person, it may seem odd, but sometimes I think you can feel a kinship with someone simply by understanding their value system and in a way, lets you see a glimpse into their heart. He will be missed.

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