Mike Rowe’s First Podcast – For Father’s Day No Less!

Mike reads Father’s Day al Fresco Fiasco from his 2009 Father’s Day blog. Download it here, listen and then let us know what you think – should he do more Podcasts? And look for it on iTunes soon!

28 thoughts on “Mike Rowe’s First Podcast – For Father’s Day No Less!

  1. I’m usually more into the written word than the auditory experience, and I rarely have the patience for podcasts, but for this, Mike’s delivery adds so much to the whole story that I didn’t want it to end. Laugh out loud funny, touching, and well-written. Yes, please, more!

  2. I found this story absolutely delightful when I read it last year. Combine it with Mike’s voice, which is like a musical instrument, it’s wonderful. Yes, in case you can’t tell, I would like more podcasts.

  3. I loved the podcast and I love what you wrote about your Dad. I think this is such a good idea having you read your words. I hope one day you write a book. I will enjoy reading it then when it becomes a book-on-tape I will enjoying hearing it too.

    You made your Dad proud Mike.

    Happy Father’s Day to every Dad.


  4. Yes, by all means, more podcasts! I loved this story when I read it last year, and it’s even better with Mike telling it in his own unique way. My own father has been gone for nearly 20 years, so a reason to smile on Father’s Day is always welcome.

  5. That was SUPER GREAT STORY You made me LOL! Mike

    I have to say your Dad is super proud of you for the things you do. I just wish my dad were alive to hear you speak. My dad did the samething. They could share stories together,Yep! Thanks for sharing.=:)


  6. Marvelous!

    Not only should Mike do more podcasts, he really should start reading for audio books! I know he’s supremely busy right now, but his voice is very engaging and I’d listen to any book he read.

    Another thing this podcast brought to my attention was what a wonderful writer & storyteller he is. This sounds like it’s straight out of a memoir! Hope to see some books by you, Mike!

    I’ll be forwarding this link to my husband. It reminds me of the first time I met my in-laws. Their house is on the water in Hollywood, MD. That week they cooked up pots of blue crabs they’d caught from their dock. My first time crab picking. The way you described it brought it all back for me. Now that’s a DIRTY job!

    Thanks for sharing with us, Mike!

  7. We don’t have blue crab here where I live, it’s snow crab we eat. Mike’s description of his father and the crab reminds me of my dad and lobster. My mother said the only thing he left behind was the shell and the old lady, and “he even kissed her goodnight.” My 17 yr old daughter and I had to listen to the podcast twice because we laughed so hard. Do we think Mike for should do more podcasts? Yes yes yes!

  8. Bravo! This is absolutely wonderful. It reminded me of seeing people gathered ’round the radio instead of a TV. Never once did I wish for some video to accompany it. Your story telling is phenomenal. The sound of your voice comforting. I would never give up a chance to admire your beautifulness, but your voice is a lovely experience too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

    Love Dirty Jobs

    Really love Mike Rowe

  9. mike I watch the show all the time ……. you are freakin funny my friend Thank you please keep it up my good man. My wife and I have a cleaning business so I can relate with you. You truthfully make our job less painful, but you are more than welcome to join us. Let us know either way. Thanks brother!

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed your reminiscence of Fathers’ Day, Mike. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I was listening to it with my headphones while the husband was watching TV, and giggling so much he wanted to hear what was so amusing, so I got to hear it twice.

    The parts about repairing the table with duct tape so reminded us both of his late father, it brought tears to our eyes.

    Likewise, the parts about the manikins made me laugh, as my husband has a (strange) collection of them in his shop. (I think he never got to play with Barbies when he was young)

    You should definitely do more Podcasts, Mike!

    You have a unique and expressive way of describing anything, making it all so… interesting.

  11. I never had a fathers day experience like that but the way you told the story was beautiful(I don’t use that word too often) and funny, it actually reminded me of “a Ahristmas story”. I agree with everyone that you should write and record your own book and to keep the podcasts goin’. 🙂

  12. I listened to this two nights ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the very next evening, my mother called me to ask why there’s a picnic table in the yard. I’m not kidding. We live on the top of a ridge, so a flood isn’t the likely culprit. It turns out that one of her close friends made it for her and dropped it off as a surprise. It’s not as interesting as your story, but I felt I should share it because of the strange timing. I look forward to future podcasts and hope for success for mikeroweWORKS.

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