Something to Stand For at Camp Pendleton

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your enduring patience as I continue to relentlessly plug the release of Something to Stand For, my shamelessly patriotic love-letter to America that appears in theaters nationwide this Thursday. I wanted to do something special for Independence Day, and this is it. Unfortunately, I suspect that many of you will be wondering if there’s anything left to stand for after this Thursday’s debate, which just happens to coincide with the release of this film.


Like you, I’m exhausted by the whole Bread and Circus dynamic, and really wish our media would demand from the candidates a few concrete solutions to the problems vexing so many today. Alas, I doubt that will come to pass. Might I suggest, in the wake of all the angst and foreboding that will surely follow this bit of Kabuki, that you find a theater with the good sense to present my modest little film, and see for yourself the evidence that proves there are still a few things we can all agree are worth standing for?

Also, I’d like to thank the hundreds of Marines and Sailors who came out to see an advance screening of Something to Stand For at Camp Pendleton last Monday. I suppose I could have held the premiere in Hollywood or New York, but really – why would I do that? The movie was shot almost entirely in Oklahoma, and features over 300 actors from that great state, all of whom helped me pay an honest tribute to the people who built our country, and to those who defend it today. I can’t imagine a better venue, or a finer audience, than the one I encountered a few days ago. A special thanks to all those who waited in line afterwards to say hello and grab a pic. I’m flattered, and in your debt.

As for the rest of you, you know what’s coming next. Go watch the trailer if you haven’t seen it and get your tickets here.

And don’t let the debate get you down. Our house might be feeling a bit wobbly at the moment, but we’re built on a solid foundation.

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