Keep an Eye on Your Son’s Stool [Ep. 392]

Rather than flog my movie, which opened today in theaters across the country to some very kind reviews, I thought I’d share a conversation with my mother, who claims in our most recent podcast that I fed my little brother Tiddlywinks when he was in the crib. I have no conscious memory of ever doing such a thing, or the fiasco involving the retrieval of said Tiddlywinks from my brothers diaper. But if my mother said it, it must be true. You may judge her veracity for yourself, in the short clip below. Our whole conversation is here,, and despite the multiple references to Tiddlywinks and poop, far less appalling than the debate I’m currently trying to follow. Enjoy.

PS. In other news, my parents saw “Something to Stand For” this evening, and Mom claimed that she “absolutely loved it.” I suppose, if I’m to accept her Tiddlywinks story as true, I can also believe her 5-Star review of Something to Stand For, which I’m not going to promote in this post.

PPS. Mom was also kind enough to provide a quote at the Something to Stand For website,, as did Tim Allen, Jay Leno, Gary Sinise, Adam Carolla, Dan Carlin, Scott Mann, Steven Pressfield, and so many other luminaries who share my mother’s elevated cinematic taste. #justsaying

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