Four Excellent Celebrity Reviews, Plus a Famous Writer

While I’ve been sincerely flattered by the many kind reviews on this page, and more recently, by the 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, I’m well aware that celebrity endorsements can go a long way in promoting a new film. So, when I saw this nice note from Tim Allen, my TV Big Brother, I just had to share it.

“Mike and his talented team, who most likely did all the work while Mike got his nails done, produced a film that inspired me. “Something to Stand For” offers great stories of perspective, heart, and insight from great Americans. Thanks Mike and love the Bronco!”

I was humbled to receive such a kind endorsement from such a famous comedian, and asked the art department to mockup a poster that featured his quote front and center. (You know, something that I could ask you guys to share in my ongoing quest to get people into a theater before Independence Day.) But then I saw this, from Gary Sinise.

“Mike Rowe is a great American, and in his new film Something to Stand For, he shares the stories of many other great Americans whose lives have affected us all. I loved this film and encourage everyone to see it. Our country needs it. Thank you, Mike!”

Now that’s an endorsement, right? I quickly forwarded Gary’s kind words to the art department, and they mocked up another poster with Gary’s comments front and center. Obviously, I couldn’t share both posters without appearing overly douchey, but I couldn’t decide which one go with – the famous Comedian/TV Star/Movie Star, or the famous TV/Star/Movie Star/Philanthropist? Then I saw this, from the famous country music legend, John Rich.

“There’s no one better than my buddy Mike Rowe to be America’s tour guide through some of the greatest moments we’ve experienced as a nation. Mike is a true Patriot, and this movie is a must see for anyone who truly loves America!”

“A must see?” Honestly, how do I not use a quote like that? The art department sent me another mockup, and as I was contemplating my options, my phone buzzed with an “unidentified caller” from Los Angeles. In my experience, callers who choose not to identify themselves are usually hoping to sell me an extended warranty on a car I no longer own, or a new roof for a house that doesn’t need one. But for some reason, I picked up.

“Hey Mike! It’s Jay Leno.”
“Jay! How are you?”
“Great! I’m calling to tell you I loved your movie.”
“Really? That’s so great to hear.”
“I mean it,” he said. “It’s a little corny, but I like corny. Reminded me of Paul Harvey. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I actually felt something watching a movie. I thought it was terrific.”
“That’s very kind of you,” I said. “Can I quote you?”
“You’d be a fool not to,” he said.

And just like that, I had four excellent quotes to consider, from four famous celebrities I actually admire. But then, I saw this short video of my mother on her own Facebook page,, reviewing my movie, which she and my dad saw last night.
“What a nice way to celebrate Fourth of July,” she said. “It’s a movie that makes you proud to be American. Oh yeah—and the presenter’s not half bad!”

Not the snappiest of reviews, but she is my mother. She’s also a famous writer, whose words deserve to be front and center. And so, doucheyness notwithstanding, here we have for your consideration not one, but five posters filled with some very kind words from some very famous people about a very unusual movie. Which is a long way of saying, share your favorite poster, or all five. Then, get a ticket here,, watch the trailer if you haven’t already seen it, and read some more lovely endorsements from a few more famous people who still love this country.

PS. If you’re not famous, but would like to offer a review anyway, you’re welcome to leave one here, or better yet, over on Rotten Tomatoes, where I’m told a five-star rating can lead to a sequel.

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