Off The Wall: Something to Stand For

Mike – Were you serious about making a movie in time for Independence Day? Something in response to all the anti-American sentiment in the headlines? I sure hope so. The country needs to see something hopeful. But if you’re shooting for July 4th, you’d better hurry…Larry Carson

Hi Larry
I was serious, and I am hurrying! Here’s what I can tell you as of now.

The movie won’t resemble anything you’ve seen in a theater before. It isn’t a documentary, but neither is it a work of fiction. There are many actors, but none of them are famous, and there is no screenplay. At least, not in the traditional sense. And it doesn’t quite have the budget that Kevin Costner’s epic western has, which I’m told will premiere the same week. (Gulp)

The movie consists of nine short stories written for my podcast, all of which I present from the stage of an empty theater, and all of which have been brought to life with cinematic recreations. Each story is a mystery of sorts, that tells you something you probably don’t know about someone you probably do – in most cases, a famous American who risked everything to give us the country we all call home. Your job, as viewers of my podcast know, is to try and figure out who I’m talking about before I get to the end.

My hope in doing this is to leave you feeling better about our country, better about the people who helped build it, and less divided from those Americans who might vote this November for someone you personally despise. I’m going to call the movie Something to Stand For, but I promise, it won’t be political. There will be no mention of conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans, independents, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, RFK Jr., or anyone else who might run for office. It will, however, be patriotic, and unapologetically so.

Over the course of the film, I’ll drive to Washington DC, (Rowe’d Trip!) and meet with a few people who share my interest in our nation’s history, including the soldiers, Marines, and Park Rangers who look after our most beloved memorials and monuments. These interactions, along with some delightfully unanticipated encounters, will play out between the aforementioned stories. I just got back from filming that part of the movie, and it was awesome. I’ve attached a few photos, and I’ll share a lot more later.

The movie is being assembled as we speak, and it looks great. I’m told we’ll be in theaters nationwide starting on June 27th. With luck, we’ll still be there by July 4th. I’m working on the trailer now, along with a website where you’ll be able to get tickets in advance. As always, I’ll share the details here first. After that, I’ll be flogging it harder than my mother’s fourth book, which is coming later this year.

PS. Though Something to Stand For is not a “political film,” it was inspired by the ongoing war on the symbols of America, a war of vandalism waged by those who believe the present can be improved by erasing the past. Obviously, I have no expectation that this movie will persuade anyone who dons a mask and defaces our national memorials to rethink their worldview, because I’m pretty sure none of those people will ever see this movie. I do, however, believe there are lots of people on both sides of the aisle who are disgusted by their behavior and still love America, in spite of the imperfections of our founders, and the obvious fact we have not yet achieved the “more perfect union” they envisioned. This movie is for them – that still sizeable population who identify as Americans, first and foremost. Americans of all races who genuinely care about our shared history, and understand that even though our nation is still a work in progress – and always will be – there are still a great many things worth standing for.

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