How to Get Cal Ripken Jr. with Teresa Strasser (Ep. 349)

Last week, somewhere over the Atlantic, I learned of Brooks Robinson’s death, and wrote about the way the greatest third baseman of all time impacted my life. The response on this page was overwhelming. It’s funny how baseball means so many things to so many people, and how it can pull strangers together in so many different ways. Not just the big leagues – but the minors as well. And AAA, and AA, and sandlot, and little league. Or even with just a transistor radio, playing on the front steps of a row-house in Baltimore, with neighbors sitting around in lawn chairs drinking Natty-Boh.

My guest this week knows exactly what I’m talking about. She wrote a book about it, in fact, and it’s pretty great. Her name is Teresa Strasser. She’s funny, and smart, and makes me wish I had a sister. Because if I did, I’m pretty sure she’d be a lot like the woman you’re about to meet. Her book – Making it Home – made me want to watch a little league game and call my Dad. It’ll make you want to do the same. Our conversation, however, will simply make you laugh. Enjoy…Spotify: Apple:

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