Off The Wall: Dirty Jobs, Refortifying, and a Recount

Hey Mike

To celebrate your birthday, I watched a Dirty Jobs marathon while enjoying some of your grandfather’s whiskey. Good stuff. I must say, the two go together rather well. Any thoughts on turning 61?
Harlan MacDonald

Thanks Harlan. I concur. That’s not to say I recommend or endorse the consumption of Knobel during the work day. That would be dangerous and irresponsible. But, studies have shown – conclusively – that drinking Knobel Spirits while watching Dirty Jobs is an excellent way to improve the viewing experience. Likewise, I learned this last season that enjoying a snort immediately after the work is completed is a fine way to stay hydrated, and reflect upon the events of the day. Also – as you doubtless know – online sales of Knobel benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, which is currently accepting applications for another round of work ethic scholarships. Feel free to apply at Ideally, after visiting and refortifying your stocks.

As for turning 61, I demand a recount.

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