Dirty Jobs Manhole Rehabilitator

On the one hand, it’s just another sewer line in a McDonald’s parking lot in desperate need of repair. That alone, more than justified the time I spent in Murfreesboro last year, extending the life of a collapsing manhole by at least fifty years with my new friends at CTR Coatings . On the other hand, it’s another great American success story.

The Reed family, like so many others we’ve featured on Dirty Jobs over the years, has figured out a way to prosper by getting dirty. Very, very dirty. Every day – sometimes, several times a day – Troy, Charlotte, Andrew, and Shane Reed extend the life of America’s infrastructure, and in the process, make a pretty great living. How they accomplish that in technical terms, is better explained in tonight’s episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe which you can watch at 8pm on Discovery. It’s called “Manhole Rehabilitator,” which sums it up rather nicely. But on a practical level, tonight’s episode is really a love letter to hard work, true grit, relentless entrepreneurship, good humor, and family. It’s also further proof that opportunity is alive and well everywhere you look – even twelve feet under the Golden Arches, where the meals are not as happy as they once were, and the Reed’s are lovin’ it!

See you tonight!
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