Something Pretty Cool is Happening in My Hometown

Baltimore bartenders have responded to the sudden availability of my grandfather’s whiskey with a flurry of inspired concoctions. Examples are pouring in, (as it were,) and the first comes from Avery, who works at Barfly’s – one of the greatest bars in the country. (Seriously, their whiskey selection is vast, and their bar food is stupidly good.)
Barfly’s happens to be located in South Baltimore, just around the corner from Harborview Liquors, where my new friend, Liz Hartlove, had the good sense to order a couple cases of my grandfather’s whiskey. But here’s the fun part. Scott, (a random dude whose birthday party I crashed several weeks ago, after a spontaneous visit to the aforementioned Harborview Liquors, where I met the aforementioned Liz,) told the legendary mixologists at Barfly’s to buy a few bottles of Knobel from Liz, and start making cocktails with my grandfather’s whiskey. Now, to my everlasting delight, the aforementioned Avery has introduced “The Dirty Old Fashioned,” which I’m absolutely confident is delicious.
I’ll confirm this in a few weeks when I stop by in person to see for myself. In the meantime, if you’re in the area and so inclined, do me favor and stop by the aforementioned Barfly’s on Fort Avenue, (as in Fort McHenry,) have yourself a Dirty Old Fashioned, and tell me what you think. Much obliged.
PS. The aforementioned Avery is holding a “Dirty Manhattan,” which is a lot like the aforementioned “Dirty Old Fashioned,” without the ice, and a little sweet vermouth instead of simple syrup, which is how the aforementioned Scott prefers it.
To each his own…
PPS. Also, when you’re at Barfly’s, get a pizza. I swear, Chicago has NOTHING on South Baltimore. Except perhaps, for a much crazier mayor…