Mom, Do You Have a Studfinder? (Ep. 245)

Great conversation this week with my old friend Katie Hughes, who is not really so old. She is a carpenter, however, and a woman, which makes her somewhat unique. She’s also the founder of Girls Build, an organization up in Portland that introduces girls to the construction trades, which makes her downright fascinating. I met Katie on Returning the Favor, back in Season One, and was delighted at the time to learn that she had no idea who I was, and never even seen a single episode of Dirty Jobs. This is because doesn’t own a television. She has better things to do, and more important things to watch. Our entire conversation is here, A short clip is below. Give it a listen, and if you’re inspired to explore a career in the trades, apply for a work ethic scholarship over at mikeroweWORKS.or/scholarship.