Best Preamble Ever! (Ep. 246)

Sorry I’ve been scarce here of late. I’m not one to make excuses, but if I were, I’d tell you that Dirty Jobs is back in production, How America Works is back in production, The Way I Heard It is being turned into a TV show, and my foundation is in the midst of evaluating thousands of applications for our next round of work ethic scholarships. In other words, things are busy.

Currently I’m in Missouri at a facility that bottles and ships deer urine all over the world. The radio says we can expect tornadoes, which should make shooting interesting. What could possibly go wrong?

This week’s episode can only be called a riveting catch up with Chuck how we’re going to keep this podcast going in the midst of all this chaos. It’s a fun chat with a nervous producer. I’ll report back later, windblown and smelling of deer pee.

Good day

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