Diapers and Masks and Sharks…Oh My! (Ep. 234)


This week’s episode was inspired by the recent meme of yours truly wearing a diaper, and the resulting conversation about the our ever-evolving relationship with risk. I invited my old friend Jeremiah Sullivan on to shed a little light on the topic, and boy did he. Jeremiah, as some of you may know, gets bitten by sharks for a living. He’s still alive because he invented a bite-proof shark suit many years ago, (which I was honored to field-test,) and dedicated his life to developing an extensive line of protective gear. Thus, we have in Jeremiah an unrepentant daredevil who absolutely values the critical business of safety, but happily risks his life everyday. An aquatic Indiana Jones, if you will. Short video clip below. The entire audio conversation can be heard over here. https://bit.ly/TWIHI234

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