OTW: Ep. 216 – A Message to Garcia, and Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson writes…

Mike – I love your ideals when it comes to supporting skilled labor. But that flies in the face of your (now obvious) staunch conservatism. The “meeting that may or may not have happened” with Bill was, I assume, a very conservative event, and for some reason, you’re both too ashamed to admit it…. so be it. But I wonder – how on Earth can you say that you support the working class? Is it all just a show? Conservatism does not support unions. Conservatism is why our wage gaps are where they are today. Conservatism protects corporations.

Hi Tim

Thanks for the feedback. Your comments deserve a thoughtful reply, and you’ll find it in the link below, along with a dramatic reading of a famous text, and a candid conversation about the nature of work in a brand-new episode just for you.

Happy Labor Day!
Episode 216: Off the Wall – A Message to Garcia, and Tim Johnson
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