Off The Wall: Somebody’s Gotta Do It on Pureflix

Mike – Seven years ago, when Somebody’s Gotta Do It first appeared on CNN, I told you that I could I never bring myself to watch anything on that network. I also wondered at the time, why you would do business with a company that seems committed to destroying our country. I still stand by that criticism.
However…this weekend, I streamed the entire first season of SGDI on Pureflix, and I just wanted to tell you I absolutely loved it. Every episode was a gem, and everyone you introduced on the show, made me wish I had them for a neighbor. Thanks for putting this terrific show in a place where I can binge it, without feeling like a traitor to my country. Sy Nelson
Hi Sy
First of all, you’re welcome. SGDI never really found the audience it deserved on CNN. I’m glad to see it’s found a new home on a platform of your liking, and I hope Pureflix will take some additional episodes. Modesty aside, I think they’re all pretty solid.
Secondly, I can’t say I remember your feedback specifically, but you were not alone in your gentle rebuke of my association with CNN. A lot of fans were simply unable to watch a channel they disagreed with philosophically, no matter how much they liked the show. I understand why, and I suspect I’ll hear the same thing next month from the other side of the aisle, when a new show that I narrate and executive produce called How America Works premieres on Fox Business. Some things never change.
I will say however – as I said in 2014 – that CNN provided me with a platform for SGDI when no other network would, allowing me to produce the family friendly program that you just binged on Pureflix. For that, I’m still grateful, just as I’m grateful for your support seven years later.
In the end, good content always finds a way…

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