People You Should Know – Ben Ferreira

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“Mike, your interview with John Stossel and Chloe Hudson was incredible, and something I wish every high school student was required to watch. And every parent! Question – do you interview all you scholarship recipients? What’s it feel like to circle back with them later? It must be very gratifying.” Harley Baker

Hi Harley

I’d love to interview them all, but it’s not possible. We’ve helped over 1,100 people so far – more than I could ever hope to chat with one on one. But I have connected with more than a few, and yes – it’s very gratifying to see how many former applicants are prospering today as a result of learning a skill that’s in demand. Check out this guy.

Ben Ferreira received a work ethic scholarship from mikeroweWORKS about four years ago. He runs his own business today. He’s determined, hard-working, debt free, and precisely the kind of taxpayer who should not, in my humble opinion, be asked to pay off the loans of students who chose a different path. Incidentally, the deadline to send in applications for a chunk of this years $1,000,000 allotment is tomorrow.
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