Off The Wall: Episode 200 Smart Stupid…

Kemp Parrish writes…

Hey Mike – I generally listen to your podcast while traveling from job #1 to job #2. Having already read your book, I am still entertained by hearing the chapters in your voice and the discussion that follows. Today, however was different. Today, I snorted Mtn Dew out of my nose, nearly lost control of my bladder and had to pull over due to uncontrolled laughter. I am 52 years old and delighted to discover that you are never too old to laugh about farts. Thanks for the laughs and what is the best method of cleaning up Mtn Dew splatter from a leather car seat?

Hi Kemp

First of all, I love that you listened to this particular podcast on your way to Job # 2. Classic. As for the Mountain Dew on your leather seats, I’m afraid there is no cure. Your seats have probably already begun to decompose, and will likely be gone entirely by the end of the week. Just send me the bill for a replacement.

As for the podcast itself, thanks. I’m not terribly proud of this one, but nor am I ashamed. Like the seminal work, “Everybody Poops,” a thoughtful conversation about flatulence has the potential to unite us, in these divisive times. We’ve all heard a good trick to combat nervousness is to picture your audience naked. Personally, that never worked for me. As you may have heard, “naked and afraid” are no longer mutually exclusive. But when I imagine a roomful of people all farting at the same time, it’s impossible not to relax. No matter how you feel about the immigration crisis, mask wearing, inflation, Joe Biden, or Donald Trump, you are going to fart today. And someone is probably going to hear it.

Carry on,


P.S. After 22 weeks, it’s safe to say the extended format is a hit. Thanks for all the great feedback. I’ll try to keep it going after we get through the book. Thanks also for all the 5-star reviews over at Apple. I can’t tell you far those go in persuading new listeners to give the podcast a try, and I’m really encouraged by the number of people who stick around for more. There are literally over 2 million podcasts out there today, and we’re consistently in the top 0.005%, thanks to you all. I’m much obliged.

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